Mobile Apps for Elementary

by Monica Simuong


Toontastic gives users the chance to create animated stories. Individuals dish out their creativity by drawing cartoon characters, and set appropriate background music to match their own storyline and dialogue.

Teachers can provide students with the option of creating a Toontastic story in lieu of a traditional written short story. Students who have difficulty writing may benefit more with this interactive visual app!



VoiceThread is a collaborative app that allows users to post videos, documents, and images to share with others. Feedback can be given through audio, text, video or mic to expand on ideas or provide constructive comments. No additional software needs to be downloaded and this app can be used on several different platforms.

Using this app, students can create collaborative projects about a subject, voice over the information they have collected and share it with the class as a presentation.


MOBL21 is an app that allows students and teachers to create flashcards, study guides and quizzes on any subject. Users have the ability to download and share the content with anyone, and are given the option to edit the information to fit the need each individual learner. The great thing about MOBL21 is that it can be used on the go as well as on almost any device!

This app can be used by students who are studying for exams. Students can create flashcards of the information and then form quizzes to challenge themselves in preparation for the test!


Socrative is an app that teachers can use to quiz and assess students at any time. Socrative can be used on any device and allows students and teachers to get instant feedback on assignments.

After learning about a topic in class, teachers can use Socrative as a quiz to test the understanding level of students. Without the hassle and time it takes to grade handwritten quizzes on paper, teachers and students can quickly pinpoint where they are and review or move forward with the lesson.


Videolicious is an easy video creation app that can be edited without any additional applications!

Students could use this app to create a presentation, a short film, or tutorial to showcase their understanding of a particular topic. Teachers can then view them in front of the class or assess them individually.