TigerHawk Tech Tidbits

March 2014

Google Searching Shortcuts

Google has many advanced searching techniques that can yield a more efficient search. You can also reach these shortcuts by clicking on the "gear" on the right hand side and accessing the "Advanced Search" options.

Some of the most common are summarized below. These tips are useful for adults and students. It would be beneficial to teach students these tips. Studies have shown that most people look at only the top 3-5 results on the first page.

Google Search Tips

In the Google search box, you can use these tips:

  • Use quotation marks " " to look for exact phrases {"life cycle of a caterpillar"}
  • Use or to search multiple terms at one time {Rick Riordan or Lightning Thief}
  • Use a - minus sign to exclude various words or phrases {shaun white -wikipedia}
  • Find meanings by starting with define:osmosis
  • Look for a specific site by starting with site:nbcsports.com
  • Look for a particular file by starting with file: ppt about rainforests

Additional options are available by selecting "Advanced Search" from beneath the gear on the right hand side. The gear shows up after you've done an intial search.

  • Limit results by selecting specific domains - .org, .gov, .edu
  • Limit results by reading level
  • Check out the "Advanced Search" for more options

If you'd like more information or would like to plan a lesson for your class, let us know.

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Tech Tips & Treats

This month's Tech Tips & Treats will be

Fayette Elementary - March 11, 2014

West Union Elementary - March 21, 2014

NFV High School - March 26, 2014

Bring in your lunch and join us for treats. We'll be happy to answer questions, share ideas, help plan lessons, or schedule a time for one on one assistance. If lunch time doesn't work, please email us for another time.

If you have an idea or suggestion for a newsletter or a tech tips session, let one of us know.