Treaties of Velasco

Will the real treaty please stand up?

What is a treaty?

A formal agreement between two or more states with reference to peace, alliance, commerce, or other international relations.

Treaty of Velasco

Ended the Texas Revolution; it ended military occupation of Texas while recognizing Texas as an independent nation. Santa Anna was set free.

Why Two Treaties?

On May 14, Santa Anna signed two peace treaties with interim Texas president David G. Burnet. The public treaty consisted of ten articles; a second, secret treaty consisted of six additional articles. The secret agreement was to be carried out when the public treaty had been fulfilled.


What happens when promises are not kept?

On May 26, General Vicente Filisola began withdrawing Mexican troops in fulfillment of the public treaty. However, the Texas army blocked Santa Anna's release by the Texas government. Moreover, the Mexican government refused to accept the treaties on the grounds that Santa Anna had signed them as a captive. Since the treaties had now been violated by both sides, they never took effect. Mexico was not to recognize Texas independence until the US-Mexican War was settled by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.

Discuss why promises are important to keep?

What was the result of the Treaties of Velasco?

Together, the treaties somewhat loosely established Texas' southern border at the Rio Grande River, but this issue would not be finally resolved until 1848--after Texas statehood and the conclusion of the Mexican War.

What have we learned?

Who were the two players in these treaties?

What happened to Texas as a result of these treaties?
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Which border?

Nueces River

Rio Grande

Locate Texas

What major changes will occur once the Mexican Army retreats across the Rio Grande River?

Treaty of Velasco Partner Breakdown Activity

In groups of two, analize the Treaty of Velasco that ended the Texas Revolution. Look at each section and write what either Mexico (Sometimes Santa Anna) or Texas or both must do according to the treaty.