Development of Adolesence

By: Emily Tepera and Tessa Corley


-Voice changes (especially in males)

-Growth spurt as well as gaining weight

-Need for more sleep

-Rapid growth may cause clumsiness or lack of coordination

-Sweating increases


-A teens life will become a secret from the parents

-Teens try to understand who they are

-Have a desire to become independent

-Want to start dating

-Try to figure out "who they are"


As children grow into teens they are introduced to more friends which can either decrease or increase their self esteem.

As teens grow they hang out with their friends more then their parents and they are suddenly introduced to peer pressure.

When teens are having problems with self-esteem it is best to give your child words of encouragement each day.

When you believe your child might be under peer pressure make sure to establish a close relationship with them so they know they can always come to you if they need help.


As children mature into teens they develop the ability to:

- Consider future possibilities

- Test hypotheses

- Draw conclusions about event they have not experienced.

- Ability to manipulative information.