The Tutor Machine!

By: Cheese Directioner Why Automail

Our Story

We created this product to help lots of kids not just girls or boys. At first we wanted to make a machine that does your homework but then parents wouldn't like it because their kids wouldn't learn anything.

A lot of kids struggle with their homework because they don't understand it. So we created the tutor machine that helps you better understand your homework so you can do it!

Homework does start to get a bit harder around middle school and gets really hard in high school. Kids need more clarification on their homework, so now they can just ask the tutor machine. It also helps kids study for upcoming tests. Kids that are younger can just get their parents to help them because it's much more simpler stuff. But parents don't have time to explain long complicated math or science explanations so the tutor machine is here to help!

Cool stuff about the tutor machine!

The machine gives you food when you are hungry. People do tend to work better when they aren't hungry. Also you can play educational like memory game, sudoku and others.

Our Awesome Product

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