Ants are Hard Workers

By: Christina Kranias

Ants are hard workers

Ants are hard workers. They sleep a lot, work a lot, and they work an incredible amount of time to get food. These little insects do more than humans. Now you're going to learn more about these interesting insects.

Ants sleep a lot

Ants sleep a long time. Did you know that they take 250 naps per day!

They sleep so many times a day because they take one minute naps. In all, they take five hour naps.Ants sleep standing up. I'd like to sit down once a while.

Ants Work A Lot

Ants work a long time. They work 19 Hours a day! That's a lot of work. Ants can hold 100 times their weight. ants work harder than humans. I bet their tired at the end of the day. Ants work extra hard to get food. They mostly work to gather food. Ants don't eat straight away.They take their food home and then they eat it. Sometimes they don't even eat it. They can also use their leaves to grow fungus and they eat the fungus.

Ants are Busy Workers

And are hard workers and are very busy insects. I learnt facts about ants researching for these paragraphs. I hope you learnt facts while reading these paragraphs.