Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 6th through May 10th

Starting May 6th, we celebrate our wonderful teachers, in particular, our own Ms. Roberts!

For the week, we are asking for your help on the following:

Appreciation Week Schedule

  • Monday, May 6th - Student Choice! Bring what ever you would like! (some ideas below)
  • Tuesday, May 7th - Students should bring in a homemade card, favorite candy or flower to express their appreciation for their teacher. She like Starbursts and any kid of flowers!
  • Wednesday, May 8th - We will be serving an appreciation lunch served for our teachers.
  • Thursday, May 9th - School Supplies - Please bring in supplies for the classroom. Suggestions: Paper, pencils, tissues
  • Friday, May 10th - Open to you and your child's imagination!

Don't forget Ms. Robert's as we celebrate her, and all the wonderful teaching staff at Windy Ridge!

Some creative ideas for you below....

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at:

321-202-1533 or maryellen.starnes@gmail.com

Thank you!

Mary Ellen Starnes (Harrison's Mom)