St. Paul Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - April 12, 2013

Inspirational Quote

"Online harassment has an off-line impact."

-Author Unknown


3-14-13 - Class Liturgy (Grade 1) - 8:15

3-16-13 - Grades K-3 (1) - 8:15

317-13 - Grade 4-6 (4) - 8:15

3-18-13 - Grades 7-8 (7) - 8:15

Please attend the Mass of your choice Saturday or Sunday

Important Dates


12 - Friday - Bingo - 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:00 PM)

13 - Saturday - First Eucharist Celebration - 4:00 PM

- - PTA Super Bingo - 6: 00 PM

14 - Sunday - Grade 1 Class Liturgy - 9:30 AM

15 - Monday - Parish council Meeting - 7:00 PM

16 - - Tuesday - Market Day Pick Up - 6:00 PM

- - Spring Pictures - 8:00 AM - in the Gym (see announcement below) *

16-19 - - Fish Fry Dress Down Days (The maximum number of days a student can dress down is 4)

30 - Thursday - Mid 3rd Trimester

PTA Super Bingo

Saturday, Apr 13th, 6pm

6901 Dixie Hwy

Louisville, KY

Saint Paul School will be sponsoring a Super Bingo on Saturday, April 13, 2013. Doors will open at 6:00 PM and Bingo will start at 7:30 PM. The ticket cost is $20.00 per package and will include 18 face cards for all regular games and 9 face cards for all special games. Additional game packages will be available for $10.00 for those of you who like playing more cards. There will be $1000 coverall and total payouts of $4000 if at least 150 attend.

We will be sending home one ticket per family and hope everyone can sell or purchase at least one.

Technology Committee Forming to Create Our New Fall 2013-Spring 2016 Plan

It is time to update our school Technology Plan. Our plan for Fall 2010-Spring 2013 set several goals to help us meet National Standards. We are happy to report that we achieved almost all of those goals, including:
  • Establishing a 1:1 Computing environment in the Middle School grades. Each student in grades 6-8 has a laptop computer that they use on a daily basis in school and at home.
  • Providing laptops for the teachers to help them prepare new lessons and curriculum that include 21st Century learning skills and the Common Core Standards.
  • Updating our computer lab with new computers.
  • Updating our infrastructure with wireless access points.
  • Updating our SuccessMaker Lab with newer computers.
  • Putting one or two computers in each classroom.

In order to create the new plan, we are forming a new Technology Committee to help establish new goals and strategies to meet those goals.

Your help is needed! A good technology committee should include:

  • 1 Superintendent or other central office administrator or Principal;
  • 1 Technology coordinator, computer teacher, or other technology professional;
  • 1 Library media specialist;
  • 3 Teachers, representing different grades and content areas;
  • 2 Students;
  • 1 Board member and/or school committee member;
  • 1 Support staff;
  • 3 Parents;
  • 1 Community, town official;
  • 1 Business expert (district or community);
  • 1 Local business representatives (hardware, software, training, other).

We will set regularly-scheduled meetings, but stagger the meeting times to help meet everyone’s different workloads. A timeline of meeting topics and tasks might unfold like this:

    • First meeting – meet, lay groundwork, begin work on vision and mission,
    • Second meeting – assess current technology, conduct needs assessment, analyze data and make recommendations,
    • Third meeting – establish goals and objectives,
    • Fourth meeting – develop technology action plans,
    • Fifth meeting – plan implementation schedule and evaluation methods,
    • Sixth meeting – secure funding options, submit final draft for internal review,
    • Seventh meeting – finalize the plan and get approved by local school board,
    • Final meeting – submit plan for state approval.

If you are interested in participating in this planning committee, please contact Mr. Brever ( or Mr. Dooley (

News from the Classroom


Pre-K starting working on addition problems this week. They have done really well and love reading the problems out loud. We are learning the letter S this week and made a snake out of an S to go in our alphabet book. And finally we got to go outside to play. The children have really enjoyed being outside.


Ms. Weths and Ms. Sunni are working collaboratively to ensure kindergarten students are provided individualized instruction with the integration of technology.

Kindergarten students are reading simple stories with many of their previously learned sight words. (Be sure to check their backpacks for the story: The Big Hit. They will be proud to share this story with you!)

Kindergarten students are then interacting with the stories utilizing the Starfall website ( For students that are ready for more advanced text, more challenging stories are offered. For students that need review of specific letter sounds; phonemic awareness activities are embedded within classroom instruction and through the website.

First Grade

First Grade's Praying Mantis egg hatched on Wednesday!

We are learning about the seasons and the weather that is associated with each season. We worked in groups to make 4 posters, one about each season and they are on display in the hallway.

Second Grade

The 2nd Grade class is busy preparing for First Holy Communion on April 14, 2013 at 4pm. We have started a new unit in Science about Outer Space.

Fifth Grade

The Fifth grade is reading an exciting story about the Unsinkable Wreck of the R. M. S. Titanic. We are going to incorporate a mini unit with this story to further investigate the Titanic.


8th Grade: Students are learning how to edit their Public Service Announcement videos with the YouTube video editor. They started filming this week.

7th Grade: Students have been working on research skills to become "Internet Sleuths", learning how to cite sources and validate the information found in sources. They are also working on their keyboarding skills to meet the standard of 30 words per minute and 95% accuracy. Many are exceeding that skill already.

6th Grade: Students continue to work on their keyboarding skills and understanding of compatibility and networking. They also have begun an Electronic Journal. With this assignment, students will practice typing using word processing software. They will also have the opportunity to develop voice and expository writing skills.

5th Grade: Students are learning to create spreadsheets using their Google Apps accounts. Each student will learn how to plan for a database, start a new database file, create and define fields, enter data into a database record, review and edit data, as well as delete records and fields.

4th Grade: Students continue learning about spreadsheets. They have completed lessons about the use of spreadsheets, columns and rows, as well as formatting cells and using formulas and will begin building a spreadsheet soon.

3rd Grade: Students have been learning word processing skills. They have created documents, learned about page layout and have been formatting text to their documents easy to read and understand. Ask them to show you their work in their Google Documents. They've learned a great deal.

Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 2nd Grade: Students also learning drawing skills and gaining an understanding of graphics with our TuxPaint, KidPix and A to Zap programs.


7th and 8th Grades:

KET School Video Project — Our Environment: Local Solutions, our fun and meaningful spring project.

Update: We are filming the scenes this week and will finish up the editing next week.

Entries are due at the KET website by April 30, 2013.
All participating schools and organizations will automatically be entered in a prize drawing to be held on May 1 for an Apple iPad with environmental study and video production apps, plus video production accessories including a tripod, tripod adapter and microphone. We'll post the winner of the prize drawing on this web page and will also notify the winner by e-mail. Please note that it's a prize drawing and not a contest.

6th Grade:

The 6th graders created their own travel agencies. Instead of selling vacation destinations, they are selling vacations in time. They are constructing multi-media presentations in which they will pitch a vacation package to a specific era in time (Triassic, Jurassic, Mesozoic, etc...).

Ideas for vacation activities have been dinosaur riding, Pterodactyl gliding, a dinosaur circus, volcano diving, and ancient forest zip lining.

Rings of Responsibility

There are three Rings of Responsibility we all should explore and understand.

  • Self: The center ring has to do with responsibilities we have to ourselves, such as keeping ourselves safe and healthy, and protecting our reputations.
  • What responsibilities do you have to yourself? Sample responses:

    • I eat healthy food, I do my homework, I brush my teeth, I get enough sleep.
    • Can you think of other examples of responsibilities you have to yourself?

  • Friends and Family: The middle ring stands for responsibilities we have to our friends and family, such as helping with chores, attending their performances, or just listening to them when they are having problems.

  • What responsibilities do you have to your good friends and to your family? Sample responses:
    • I take care of my sibling, I help my mom and dad with chores, I go to my friends’ sporting games to support them.
    • Can you think of other examples of responsibilities you have to others to whom you are close?

  • Larger Community: The outer ring stands for responsibilities to the larger community, from following rules at school and work to playing safely at the playground and gym.
  • What responsibilities do you have to the larger community? Sample responses:
    • I get to practice and appointments on time.
    • I don’t litter.
    • I am polite to other people, even if I don't know them.
    • Can you think of other examples of responsibilities that you have to others to whom you are close, not all of whom you might know personally?

* Spring Pictures - April 16th

Spring Pictures will be taken April 16, 2013 in the Gym. Please dress up for this picture. You can order pictures with the flyer that went home, or online:

Visit and click on the Order Pictures button.