South Korean Culture

By: Sam Powers

Food and Drink

People in South Korea take food very seriously. From an ancient philosophy, that proved to be true, Koreans believed that food and medicine should have the same purpose. There is no comfort food in South Korea, food is fuel.

Daily Life

Most South Koreans do not have any free time. They are some of the hardest working people in the world. One event accounts for one man working six days a week for 12.5 hours a day. This one man works 75 hours a week. This average South Korean also has a wife and three teenage children. The average United States citizen works only 47 hours a week. This South Korean man works, on average, 28 more hours than a regular United States citizen.


South Korea


In South Korea school is very important. The average age for a child to finish schooling is 16, for female, and 18, for male. During their schooling, they are taught how to speak English, which is widely taught all throughout Junior High and High School. During High School, it is a race to get into SKY University (Seoul National, Korea, and Yonsei Universities.) The students in high school will normally wake up around 5am and leave for school, and not return until 10pm. After returning home, the students most of the time will go to special studying classes until 2am. It is a commonly known saying to say if you sleep three or less hours you will go to the best SKY University. If you sleep four or less hours, you may get into another university. If you sleep five or more hours a night, you can forget about university. Education is prominently the only thing that South Korean minors do.


The population of South Korea is 49,039,986 people.

Ethnic Groups

The ethnic groups are homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese.)

Health Statistics

The birth rate for the country of South Korea is 8.26 births/1,000 population. The death rate is 6.63 deaths/1,000 population. The mother maternal rate is 27 deaths/100,000 live births, a little bit less than the United States of America. Total fertility rate is 1.25 children born/woman, one of the lowest rates in the entire world. The obesity rate of South Korea is 7.7%, which is about even compared to other countries.


The languages known by South Korean's are Korean and English.


The religion of the South Korean's are (listed most to least) Christian, Buddhist, other or unknown 0.9%, none 43.3%.