Advertising Sales Agent

By: Philip Taylor

Career Summary

An Advertising Sales Agent is in charge of selling items or products. They normally work at an advertising firm, tv station, radio station, magazine companies, or an online advertising company.

Steps To The Career

Need you own desktop and need to be certified in

1. Desktop Publishing

2. Know your software almost in and out (Windows, OS)

3. Presentation Programs

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • High School diploma
  • Bachelors Degree
  • Some Sales experience is preferred

Career Path

With the growth of technology the need online assistance is not necessarily a need. Although the customers like to have human to human interaction if they need some help with something. So this being said this career path isn't in any danger of failing but there has been a decline in the number of advertising online sales agents.


  • Bottom Total Pay: 45,060
  • Median Total Pay: 96,720
  • Top Total Pay: 187,199

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