Math Stuff

With Aidan and Michael

Marcos vs Cicis

In this Math Stuff episode your host Aidan and Michael will be discussing over if Marcos or Cicis has what it takes to be the right price pizza masters using linear equations. Lets begin.

Which to choose????

You walk into Cici's and you look at the prices then you go to Marcos but which do you choose? Lets find out.


Cicis's Pizza=you have to pay a $4 for a membership and $3 a pizza


Marco's Pizza=$5 per pizza


Cicis= t=p*3+4

p=pizzas and t=total cost

Marcos= t=p*5

point of intersection is (2,10) meaning if you want 2 pizzas then go to eather.


If I wanted to get 5 pizzas at Cicis I will have to pay a $4 membership plus $3 per pizza


If I want to buy 5 pizzas at Marcos it would be $5 per pizza


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In this episode of math stuff, we learned that linear functions are functions that have one of each variable, and the graph is showing a straight line. and learned that graphs tables and equations all go together. The equation represents the relationship between the points, the table displays the points, and the graph shows all of this visually.The independent variable in this situation is the cost per pizza. The dependent is the number of pizzas.The point of interaction in this equation means if you want to buy 2 pizzas the price would be the same for both places,so you can just choose which one you like more.

Tank you for being here with us on this episode of Math Stuff using linear equations.

My name is Aidan McGreger and my name is Michael Neilson and we will see you next episode!!!!!!!Stay MATHY

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