Girls on the Run!

Week 4

The 5k Registration is OPEN! Please make sure your daughter has a buddy signed up to run with them on the big day (all girls are REQUIRED to have a buddy who is 16 years or older run with them)! When your daughter's buddy signs up please remind them to fill in the affiliation as Chesterbrook Academy and make sure they list your daughter's full name as their buddy. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions!
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GOTR Story of the Week!

This week, we discussed emotions both uncomfortable and comfortable emotions. We discussed that uncomfortable emotions are ok and that we all experience them; it's how we handle them and cope with them that is important.

Hope, with an injury, was still a great teammate when she showed up to practice ready to help out any way she could! She acted out emotions such as joy, anxiety, confidence, and anger and the other girls had to guess her emotion and then categorize it as uncomfortable and comfortable.

This week's lesson is particularly fitting given the nature of our week. We hope the girls can use the skills we discussed to help cope with whatever emotions and feelings come up for them in the coming weeks.

Great Job girls--Ms. McGarrigle & I are continuously impressed by your enthusiasm, teamwork, and cooperation during GOTR!!!!



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Jenn and I put up a GOTR bulletin board outside of Mrs. Waxman's room. Take a few moments to check it out with your, activities and questions you can use to strike up a conversation with your daughter!

Lesson Overviews

Lesson 6: Being Emotional is Healthy

In Lesson 6 we explored uncomfortable emotions such as anger, sorrow and frustration and recognized that experiencing these emotions is part of being human. The girls learned that there is no such thing as "bad" emotions. We taught them that some emotions are uncomfortable, but they are NOT bad. We learned strategies to identify and express their emotions in a healthy manner.

Connect with your child: Ask, "What did you learn about uncomfortable emotions?" Ask if they feel comfortable expressing their emotions. What happens if we feel like we can’t express some of our emotions?

Dates to Keep In Mind

*** 5k registration is OPEN! All girls and buddies must be registered!

5/14 Saturday - Practice 5k here at CBA 9:00 am

6/4 Saturday - GOTR 5k @ West Chester East HS
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