English Movie Festival

1° Best Drama: "The leg of lamb"

That afternoon Mary Maloney, who will give birth in 3 months, receives her beloved husband Patrick from work, as she usually does what she doesn´t know is that Patrick will give her the worst news a women could ever listen...

Cast (First Year):

  • Chiara Pelusa, as Mary Maloney
  • Tomas Luty, as Patrick
  • Tomas Cesconetto, as Sam
  • Irina Saccani, as Noonan
  • Pilar Riveira, as O´Malley
  • Santiago Rossi, as Wilma
  • Catarina Casais, as Martha
  • Lina Tomaino, as camera woman and video edition

2° Best Sequel: "The case against Mary Maloney"

Is the story of a women who is being judged for the murder of her husband, Patrick. We folow this case, where many secrets are revealed, and we finally get a surprise ending.