Panther Press

The October News for Ms. Marshall's Class


Students have been responding to their reading and practicing an element of visual note taking.

How do they decide what to quote?

  • Words that I read that give me vivid mind pictures
  • Words or ideas that seem to be repeated
  • Words characters say that are revealing (when I get some insight into who they are or why they are the way they are)
  • Words that make me feel something
  • Words or ideas that I connect with (I understand this because it happened to me, or this reminds me of something else I saw/heard/read)
  • Ah Ha! moments
  • Words that seem like good (or even bad) advice
  • Words that are inspiring that I want to share with others

See their SketchQuotes pictured below:

Emoji Book Talks

Big image
Starting next week, I will be making short videos of students talking about the book that they read for homework this quarter. I will then create QR codes to go inside of the classroom copies of the books (if I have a copy of their book in class). With these QR codes students can scan, watch the book talk video done by a classmate, and then decide if they want to read the book. I am hoping that my old iPhone will work as a book scanner. I may have to modify this plan if it doesn't, but the videos will still be available in some form or another. See the Emoji Book talk guide (pictured above) for tips on a great book talk.

Costumes, props, puppets, hats, glasses, backgrounds, etc. that would enhance the book talk are always welcomed but not required.

"Who Would Win?"

Our "Who Would Win?" project is underway in History class and the students are engaged in gathering research on early humans for their own version of this popular book series. Check out the World History page on our website for more resources and information. I am not sure on a due date yet, but am hoping to have this project completed and turned in by Friday, October 23rd. Look for student work to be shared in next month's Panther Press.

Notebook Conferences

I will be meeting with students to have grade conferences starting next week. If parents want to sit in on this please contact me by email to set up an after school time. Conferences will be completed by October 29th to be included in the first semester report card grades.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, October 23rd: Ms. Marshall is attending a tech conference and we will have our first substitute teacher of the year.
  • Tuesday, October 27th: Mix it up at lunch day A school event in which students are encouraged to move out of their comfort zones and get to know other students that they may not talk to because they are part of a different social group.
  • Friday, October 30th: The end of the first quarter 12:45 dismissal
  • Monday, November 2nd: Students begin second quarter electives and will have new 5th period classes.
  • Wednesday, November 11th: Veterans Day (no school)
  • November 12-13th: Parent/Teacher conferences
  • Tuesday, November 17th: Tentative Field Trip Date The date for our field trip had to be changed due to a conflict with parent/teacher conferences. This is the possible rescheduled date-Mr. Auza is waiting on confirmation of the bus company's availability. As soon as we know for sure permission slips will be sent home.
  • November 23-27th Thanksgiving Holiday.