Mrs. K's Music Corner

6th edition

2nd Grade Musical was a Success!

Congratulations to all 2nd graders for a great performance! I'm very proud of the hard work you all put in! I'd also like to thank all parents for their support! Whether you volunteered and/or attended the production, we appreciate your time! Job well done!

Spanish Focus Weeks

February 5th-16th, Geist will be doing some special lessons surrounding Spanish speaking countries. Music will be pairing up with the Spanish Global Studies teacher to explore some food, traditions, music, and dancing from Mexico and some other Spanish speaking countries! We will need some parent volunteers for part of the lesson. There is a link below if you'd like to sign up to volunteer. Thanks in advance!

4th Grade Recorder Music

3rd & 4th Grade Choir

Choir started this week. It's not too late to join! Contact Mrs. Koenig ASAP to join us next Thursday, January 25th. Please turn in a hard copy or digital copy of the permission slip to Mrs. Koenig by Wednesday, January 24th. Thanks!

Ask Me Lessons

Ask Me lessons are lessons we've done in music class that they can be done at home. Have them teach you the lessons and have fun with music at home!