I want to come see YOU!

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That's how many Glowing Stones we are going to have earn $100 in product credit AND entry into the brand new Inspire program by selling $1000+ in August!!!!

August is busy - I get it. Kids are still off, people are still on vacations, etc. etc. BUT - the $1000+ sales goal is so IMPORTANT and ATTAINABLE and I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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Why? Because you believe in yourself, you believe in your business and you owe it to yourself to go all in and get there.

But hat happens when you do?!

  • $100 in product credit is going to be loaded into your S&D account (just in time to spend it on the new gorgeous lace bomber jacket coming in September - ahhh!)


  • you earn a spot in our brand new INSPIRE program, which will CATAPULT your business to success this Fall! Once in the Inspire Program, you'll be set you up for success with weekly coaching calls to help you build a lasting business and reach big Q4 goals - AND all Inspire graduates will get to enjoy a booming business, their face on the new digital Hall of Fame AND an exclusive leather bracelet, engraved with “inspire”, their name and state! (Read more about it here: https://more.stelladot.com/training/leaders/inspire-program-2018/)

(I mean...just LOOK at this jacket!!!!)

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So how about what happens WHEN our Glowing Stones tribe have AT LEAST FIFTY members in?! Well - I'm going to come VISIT some of you! That's right - I'm going to pick FIVE Inspire program earners and come to YOU! We can do coffee, go get pedis, grab lunch OR I'll come to a Style Session with you - you decide! It will be a great way for us to connect 1:1, talk about what's next and have some fun!

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HOW can you make it happen?

  • Book one more Style Session this month - there is still time!
  • Haven't touched your business in months? That's okay! Dust off those jewels and invite some friends over to shop - it's alright if you don't have the new stuff! People buy what you do have! Reach out to your birthday girls and give great personal service.
  • Offer some teacher classroom benefit Style Sessions - YOU GOT THIS!

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Let's do this - I'm ready to come see YOU!!! Please REPLY BACK here if you're ALL IN - I'm here to help!

HUGE congrats to those who have already earned their spot! Which number will YOU claim?!

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xo, Krista

Proud leader of Team Glowing Stones