Mrs. Buck's E:21 Journey

21st Century Learning


Through my padlet students have access to a glossary, discovery education video, helpful hints, and journal entries that we have done throughout the year. This has been a great resource for students and parents!




ahoot is a great way to gauge student's understanding and enable all students to be actively involved. Teachers will need procedures in place for playing or it will get chaotic and loud as student excitement builds.

Paper Slide Videos

Students created a paper slide video to explain how to multiply. I left it open to students and did not set guidelines as to how many slides/what to include/ etc. In the future I will guide the students more and give a rubric. This will enhance the final product.

Google Classroom

Google classroom is a great way to get students involved. I have created lessons for students to complete and upload. Through this students can share videos as well as other resources with me and each other.