What To Visit Along the Nile River

By: Daekwon Shelley

Here's a few locations and information about them.

Aswan High Dam is a dam that is around the Nile River. IT's locations is that it lives in Aswan,Egypt. Aswan dam is important to the Nile river because before it the Nile would flood time around summer time. Aswan Dam was built in 1989. Aswan Dam did not impact animals nearby.

Khartoum,Sudan is where the Nile's such as the blue Nile and the white Nile splits at. T

he location is at the

confluence of the White Nile. It makes the White Nile and the blue Nile meet together. Another thing is that it's the capital of the Republic of Sudan.

Some more information

The Nile delta is where the Nile river spread out and dumps into the Mediterranean sea. it covers 240 km of Mediterranean coastline.The Delta begins slightly down river from Cairo.Since the delta no longer receives an annual supply of nutrients and sediments from upstream due to the construction of the Aswan,Dam The soils of the floodplains have become poorer.

Lake Victoria is one of the Africans great lakes. With a surface area of 68,800 square kilometers (26,600 sq mi), Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area. it is a lot is the larges tropical lake in the world. Lake Victoria is the world's 2nd largest freshwater lake because of its area. It is the located in Africa.