Alison Vetter

A Colonial Woman

A Little About Me!

How do you fare? I’m Alison Vetter and I am not feeling well after last Sunday with all that church. Although all of my day is filled with housework, I do have the time to tell you about my life. I’m a colonial woman, with a family with a husband of the name of Joshua Vetter and 2 children. Oh yes, the men. They get all the attention. These people during these times only think the men are worthy of doing real jobs (physical work). I believe that one day everyone will be equal. Of course, I do most of the housework, and since life is difficult, I have the lowest class of women to help me, a useful slave. I, on the other hand, am one of the middling sorts. Right now its morning and I’m eating breakfast with my family. Some bacon and beans from our farm does do good for a meal. Oh gosh, children, shh! You have such terrible manners! Don’t you remember you must keep quiet during meals? I married women my wonderful husband, Josh Vetter for a home. Since I am one of the middle class, I need a husband just to get a home like most people. My husband and I had which worked hard together to get a home. We live in Connecticut in an average sized cabin has one room, and an attic. Today is a normal school day, and I hope my son does not run into trouble with the schoolmaster again. Yesterday was enough. My daughter does not go to school anymore, for she has finished Dane school. She is such a quick learner. I’ve already taught her how to use the spinning wheel and to make candles. On the other hand, my son has been caught not paying well attention and was punished by that cruel schoolmaster. Things have not been running smoothly for him lately. What’s going on, children? It’s snowing? Hurry to school otherwise you will need the pong or the pod!

As a Colonial Woman, I must cook, sew, clean, and make candles. I cook in the hearth. Making candles is the most difficult job, with many complicated steps. First, I have to find all of the materials needed. They include many things, such as chopped wax that is any color and cotton twine. There are also many tools for this process, including a juice can, a pan of water, a cutting board, a sharp knife, and scissors. After this finding, I must actually do the real making. It is very hard. Lately, my daughter is growing a lot and will soon need a new pair of clothes. So, I a few days ago I took out the spinning wheel and started her shirt. The town crier has brought news that many slaves arrived on ships that are ready for us to buy at the auction block. On Sunday after our first church meeting at the meetinghouse I will go buy one to help me do more work. I used to have two but one ran away so I feel it’s time I should give up the search and purchase another. Even if I have two slaves, I must do lots of work. The abolitionists are just making colonists poorer and poorer by helping those slaves run away! I’ve already went through many slaves and when they run away it’s like throwing your money down the river.

Everything I do needs tools. As I said earlier, there are many tools you need for making candles that are a juice can, a pan of water, a cutting board, a sharp knife, and scissors. I cook in the hearth. I wish life was simpler…and everything was already done. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Colonial life is not life that easy.