Saudi Arabia

By: Abeeha

Where is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is located in Africa. Saudi is the most holiest country in the world it has a law that only Muslims are allow there because that is where the last prophet was born Mohmmad ( Peace be apon him) and their god's house the Kabbah.

What is the Azan?

The Azan is a symbol or information that tells that it is time to pray. Muslims prayer is called Namaz, In namaz you read certain surahs or chapters from the Quran. In Namaz you are talking to Allah. If you are a kid Allah makes your wishes come true because when you are a kid you are a angel to Allah. When you become a adult you do wrong things such as go to clubs, wear inappropriate clothes, and talk about inappropriate things.

Best Adhan in the world - Muslim Call to Prayer

What do Saudi's eat?

Saudi eat food that is halal which means the animal or meat has been slaughtered by the name of Allah. If the food is haram that means that the food isn't slaughtered by the name of Allah. Some foods that is slaughtered by the name of Allah you still can't eat. Such as pig meat. Eating pigs, drinking beer and other types of beer, and smoking is against the Islamic laws if you break one law you are not a muslim you are a kufar that means you are not a muslim you are jew or anything that is not Islam.

What do Saudi's Celebrate?

Saudi's celebrate holidays such as the holy month of Ramadan Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha
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The Quran

The Quran is the muslim holy book just like The Holy Bible but isn't all about stories. In the Quran it tells you how to live your life, manner, and the prophet stories. Whatever is in the Quran is what Allah said. Quran is the most important thing in life.
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