Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan

The Mongols

Decline of Mongol Dynasty

The dynasty began to change after Genghis died. His heirs divided the territory. The dynasty fell because of to much spending on spending on foreign conquest, corruption at court, and growing internal instability.

Religion and Government

Buddhism & Daoism both were attracted by many people. The government reacted strongly after the Buddhist's acquired thousands of acres of land. Buddhism was criticized because of being a foreign religion. Confucian principles became the basis for Chinese government.


Was served as a Confucian response to Buddhism and Daoism. Teaches that the world is real, not an illusion. They divided the world into a material world and spiritual world. Humans live in the material world but are also linked with the Supreme Ultimate.

Golden Age

Poetry- Was the best expressed in their literature. It was during the Tang dynasty that was viewed as the great age of poetry. At least 48,000 poems were written during this time period. Li Bo and Du Fu were two of the most popular poets during the Tang Era.

Painting- During the Song and Mongol dynasties landscape painting reached its high point. It was influenced by Daoism and artists went to mountains to get good scenery to paint. They perfected the making of porcelain a ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures.

Genghis Army

Women would take charge in tending animals and domestic duties. During battle they collected arrows and killed wounded enemy soldiers. Meanwhile, children were taught how to fight or cook, depending on their gender, and younger children collected animal dung, the Mongols' primary fuel source. Men were expert horsemen, archers, and fighters.