Patriot Press

November, 2021

Give Thanks

I can't believe it is already 2nd quarter. We had a wonderful Red Ribbon week and were able to see many of our students participating and dressing up. It was fun to see the students be participating so freely. We also had a great turnout at our PTSA Halloween Party. Our students loved the ability to dance and have a great time together.

November is a time to be thankful and express your gratitude towards others. I am thankful for our staff who do such a wonderful job teaching our students. I am thankful for our students who are working so hard to get back to "real" school again. I am thankful for you, who are so supportive of what we are doing at Eastmont to teach your students.

I hope you all are doing well,

Mrs Kurtzhals

Remote Learning Fridays

Six Fridays this year will be set aside as remote-learning days. The Board of Education approved a proposal to shift learning to an online format one Friday a month, starting Nov. 5. Additional dates will be approved in the next CSD Board meeting: Dec 3, Jan 7, February 11, March 11, April 1 are the proposed additional dates.

On remote-learning days, students will engage in class assignments and learning through Canvas. Assignments will not be new learning for students but will be review, reteach, or follow-up to lessons taught previously.

What is Remote Learning Friday?

Friday is a day of learning. Teachers are expected to have assigned learning tasks for students to complete. There will be no late work accepted on Remote Learning Assignments. Assignments will be given for each class and should be completed for credit. We suggest working together with your child and setting a Friday schedule. Setting schedules and daily routines can be extremely helpful in completing assigned learning tasks efficiently.

Below is a sample student schedule that could be used (or modified) to help your children get the most out of each Remote-Learning Friday. This is a sample schedule and could be modified for your needs.

9:00 ELA

9:30 Math

10:00 Elective 1

10:30 Break/Stretch/Snack

10:45 Science

11:15 Social Studies

11:45 Elective 2

Noon Lunch

12:30 Music or Language Practice or Reading

1:00 Some type of physical activity

Students are expected to check in to each class’s Canvas course, review any announcements, and complete the assigned learning tasks by Sunday at Midnight.

Communication: All classes will use Canvas. This is not a new platform for students. Students are already using Canvas daily in most of their classes. Information about the assigned Friday learning tasks will be posted in individual Canvas courses. Teachers will also review this structure with their classes in the week prior to the Remote Learning Day.

Teacher Office Hours on Remote Learning Days: 8:00-10:00 AM All teachers will have office hours on these Remote Learning Days. These hours will be scheduled school-wide. During teacher office hours, teachers will be communicating with students and parents and supporting the learning of students through phone calls, emails, and/or virtual meetings.

Breakfast/Lunches: Thursday at the end of the school day, all students will have the opportunity to pick up a sack breakfast and lunch for Friday prepared by our cafeteria staff.

After School Tutoring Schedule Beginning 2nd Quarter

Eastmont will be providing after-school tutoring support weekly. Students can attend any tutoring session regardless of the teacher. The schedule will be as follows:

Math Support:

Ms. Schott, Monday and Wednesday from 3 - 4 in room 201.

Ms. MIckelsen, Tuesday and Thursday from 3 - 4 in room 208

Ms. Barker, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3 - 4 in room 315

All other subjects:

Ms. Miles, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-4 in the library.

Additional college and high school tutors will also be in the library to support these days.

Information from the School Community Council

As part of the School Community Council, we discuss our school safety and digital citizenship plan. There were a couple of items that came up in our discussion that they thought would be important to share out with our community.

The first item, is our filtering system for internet. Our system flags words searched for by students that are inappropriate and sends them in a report our administration. Any words that indicate any type of self harm are immediately reported to our school for investigation. Following this discussion, the topic of YouTube came up. The filtering on YouTube doesn't match the filtering on Content Keeper. Students do have a filter on YouTube, however it may not meet your expectations for YouTube. Our School Community Council has included this as a concern on our school safety plan.

The second item we discussed, was the concern of the use of the Chromebooks outside of school. As we have dug into more reports from the district, we are finding that students are on their Chromebooks late into the night. We have asked the district if there is the possibility of shutting them off at 10, and were told that was not a school by school decision. So as the SCC, we want you to remember that it is okay that you take the Chromebook from your student in the evening so they can get a good nights sleep.

This month in TA

This month our students will learn about their brains and how their brain works to help them make decisions. Students will learn about growth mindset versus fixed mindset. Students will also learn methods they can use to slow their thinking to make positive decisions.

Students will also do grade checks and work with their teacher to make plans for school success.

What is happening in November?

Wednesday, November 3rd

6th-grade students, as well as 7th and 8th-grade choir and theater students, will be attending the production Good News! at Jordan High School.

Friday, November 5th

Virtual Learning Day

Friday, November 12th

PTSA Meeting 9:30 AM

Monday, November 15th - Wednesday, November 23rd

Eastmont Food Drive

Tuesday, November 16th

Patriot of the Month Assembly

Wednesday, November 17th

School Community Council Meeting 5:30

Thursday, November 18th

Fall concert Band and Orchestra 6:00

Fall concert choir 7:30

Wednesday, November 23rd

Mid Term

Wednesday, November 24th - Friday, November 26th

Thanksgiving Recess