Algebra I

Mr. Smith - Syllabus

Room #243 - Tutoring : Every Tuesday and Thursday ( 9th Grade only)

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Course Description

Course Objectives: All high school students must pass Algebra 1 in order to graduate from high school. The Algebra 1 curriculum is the standard on which the Florida High School Exit Exam is based. Algebra 1 is also the course in which students gain the tools that they will need to be successful in the higher level math courses that they will be taking during the remainder of their high school career. Bearing this in mind, there are two major objectives in this course. By the end of the school year, I expect the students to be able to:

1) demonstrate the thought processes required to perform with proficiency in higher-level mathematics courses, as well as everyday life, and

2) effectively communicate those thoughts using the mathematical language. Both objectives will be assessed throughout the year in the form of tests, quizzes, benchmark exams, and presentations

School Expectations

The purpose of Jones High School is to ensure that each student has access to and is empowered to utilize the resources and experiences we provide to maximize their personal potential. All Jones High School rules and expectations are designed to make sure that each students’ learning is the main priority. Any behaviors which disrupt or hinder the progress toward student success are not appropriate for the classroom and will be addressed as needed. Although we will establish classroom NORMS together, there a few non-negotiable school expectations:

- Be to class on time; door will be closed when bell rings

- No passes in the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class time (10/10 rule)

- Begin bellwork (warm-up) immediately when you enter the classroom

- No eating or drinking in class

- No cell phones out or on

- Follow the dress code

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Supplies Needed

- 3-Subject notebook or a binder with loose-leaf paper

- Folder for homework assignments

- Scientific calculator

- At least 2 pencils

- A positive attitude and an open mind

*Students should check progress book weekly for updates on grades. Please come to me before or after school if there are any questions about your grade. Please do not wait until the end of the quarter.

Grading Policy

Students will earn grades in three categories:

Tests/Quizzes 60%

Homework and Classwork 40%

A breakdown of each category follows.

Each category has its own value and standards. A student’s final grade will be determined by totaling the weighted score in each category. That total will then be assigned a letter grade based on the following scale:

100-90 = A

89-80 = B

79-70 = C

69-60 = D

59-0 = F

Assessments (60% of total grade):

Students will be assessed in a variety of ways throughout the course. The most common way that the students will be assessed is through their unit tests. These tests will consist of a variety of problems from the unit. Most of these questions will be in multiple-choice and short answer form, as to give the students practice for standardized tests. The problems are all directly based on problems in the homework assignments and lectures. I try to raise the bar a little during the tests. I expect the students to understand WHY they are doing certain steps as well as the steps themselves. In order to communicate mathematically, students need to be able to explain what they are doing. To me, this is as important as the correct answer. Most Fridays, students will be given a quiz. The quiz will only cover the sections and assignments that were learned during the week. These quizzes will allow the student to gain more practice using the concepts taught during the week, and will allow them to see the types of questions that will be on the unit test. Occasionally, the students will also have a vocabulary quiz on math terms introduced in the lesson. By knowing the definition of key mathematical terms, the student can learn new concepts more quickly, and will be able to better comprehend questions on all of their tests. In addition, students need to acquire a mathematical vocabulary in order to effectively communicate mathematically

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