Physical Education

Fulton County Schools South Learning Community

2015 - 2016 Issue 10

Spotlighting the best and the brightest physical educators from the South Learning Community in Fulton County.
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Evoline C. West Elementary School

This week students were working on Teamwork, Fitness, and Spatial Awareness using a parachute. Students begin class with a set routine of walking and exercises to maximize time on task. Students especially enjoyed climbing the parachute mountain and having a language arts lesson inside of the parachute! Email Coach Hill at for more information on her innovative parachute lesson.
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Palmetto Elementary School

Physical education classes begin with warm up exercises and a four minute jog. Within the warm up, the students are practicing to improve their Fitnessgram scores (sit ups, push ups, and PACER). Coach Turner uses his data (pictured) to motivate the students to improve on their next PACER attempt. Today, the students were playing a basketball game called the "polyspot shot game". Want to learn how to play? Email Mr. Turner -

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Website To Try!

Have you tried - You can customize a cat doing a workout for your classes!

Assessment Idea

From Spark. Here is a soccer skills performance rubric.
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Bulletin Board Idea

I am going to add a bulletin board section to our weekly Smore.
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Important Sites To Know

Fulton County Schools P.E. Website (you need your login credentials)

Georgia Performance Standards for P.E.

Georgia Fitnessgram

Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance -

SHAPE America (our National Standards) -

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