Coral Springs Times

By: Megha Mishra 9/29/01

Boys Set Mosque On Fire

Following the events of September 11th, attacks on mosques (Islamic places of worship) have increased. Unfortunately, this has happened within our own community.

Armed with glass bottles and lighters, two boys (identified as Bobby and Rigo) lit the majority of the mosque near the middle school on fire in a matter of minutes.Witnesses say that prior to lighting the fire, the two boys shouted a number of hateful comments against Islam, which were statements similar to "You're all terrorists!".

Comments like these are becoming more and more common amongst everyday Americans.

The mosque, which had originally planned to give people the opportunity to learn about Islam today, is still standing. The community is somewhat divided in their response, with the majority of people expressing the wish for it to be rebuilt. There are some people, on the other hand, who have put up posters congratulating Bobby and Rigo for successfully carrying out their attack.

The boys have been detained and are currently being questioned. It is unknown if they will be sent to a youth detention center or not.

The mosque will be rebuilt in time, and with it, understanding of different cultures will grow too.