The American System

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Why was it necessary ?

When the War of 1812 ended Americans were feeling confident in them self's. America was growing and so was business and manufacturing. Britain was shipping cheaper goods to America and selling them, making it harder for Americans to sell the same goods. Luckily, Henry Clay thought of a way to help out the the American businesses. It was called the American system.

American System:

  • The Tariff- Put tax on imported goods, helped American businesses not have competition with Britain, and made money for the government to make improvements.
  • National Bank- Set up a common currency for America, and made it easier to trade.
  • Improvement of roads, and canals- Creating better roads and canals for the country to help things move more faster and more efficiently.

Nationalism Vs. Sectionalism

Nationalism : Free of foreign rule, belief that your own countries interests and views are separate from other countries. (i.e. the country as a whole more important.)

Sectionalism : The limitless belief of local interests, region or local culture.

Henry Clay

Who was the guy that made this plan? Henry Clay severed in Senate, and was elected to the House of Representatives, then made his way to being the speaker of the house. No doubt he was a very political man, but when he ran for president he did not win. John Quincy Adams won and put Henry in his cabinet as Secretary of state. In all he was a Representative from Kentucky that helped the country grow as a whole.
(April 12, 1777 – June 29, 1852)