Second Grade Newsletter

October 14, 2016

Important Dates

Oct 26th - Early Release School gets out at 10:50 am

Nov 1st - Picture Re-takes

Conferences November 3rd and Nov 7th

Nov 8th - Voting Day

Nov 17th - Our First Expo!

Science / PLTW

Second Graders created containers to keep a popsicle from melting. The popsicle stayed inside for one hour and each group measured how much the popsicle melted using a graduated cylinder. Students then reflected if their materials included in their design were good enough insulators to prevent melting. Ask your child how well their container worked to keep the popsicle from melting.


A project introduction letter was sent home that gives a description about our next project: “Be the Change in the Word - A Homelessness Project”. The second graders generated their Driving Question this week: “How can we, as good citizens, help people who are homeless?”. We also had a guest speaker from M.I.S.S.I.O.N A2 visit us and tell us how they help the homeless in our community and answered our many questions.


Your child will be participating in a writing program called K-Grams. K-Grams is a University of Michigan student outreach program where college students write letters to elementary students in our community. This program provides an opportunity for the second graders to practice their writing and communication skills with an authentic audience. There will be an all-day field trip to U of M campus with activities that promote health, creativity and science towards the end of the school year. An informational letter went home with your child with more details.


This week we worked with counting paper money. We noticed that it is easier to figure out the value of paper money because it is marked on at least one corner. Second graders also worked on strategies to solve Number Stories (or Word Problems). Next we will turn our focus to noticing different addition strategies to help us add a little faster, like making-10, double facts, and the turn around rule (4+3=3+4). Share with your child some of your favorite addition strategies that helps you add more quickly.

Social Studies

After learning that communities need good citizens who get along with others, help make the community beautiful and help other. We read about people who saw a problem in their community and provided a solution. We read about Garret Morgan who invented the stop light to make our streets safer and we read about Jane Addams who built Chicago’s first playground as a safe place for children to play in her community. This inspired us to think how we can help in our community and fits in nicely with our PBL project.

Health / Mind-Up

Unit 3 in our Mind-Up unit has us working on the Core Practice of listening and breathing to calm and focus our minds. This breathing exercise helps students quiet their minds and get ready to learn. We will be using Core Practice everyday to set the tone and getting everyone ready to participate purposefully and thoughtfully.