C. Johnson: All About Me

ABS417:Community Organizing & Development

Sweet Home Alabama

Hi everyone,

My name is Cumbledmda Johnson from Florence, Alabama. I have two children a boy and a girl.

Class of 2016

My major is Applied Behavior Science. I graduate in 2016 of November.


I enjoy helping people and hope to work with the mentally ill.
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I hope to travel to different countries one day. In my spare time, I enjoy going to amusement parks, watching horror movies, and cooking. I love watching the "Food Network"!

Community Organizing

I do not know much about community organizing but, that it is part or non-profit organization such as the Boys and Girls Club and The Unity Way. I know they help people in varies ways, such as with health care, financial, mental health, etc.. I hope to learn more about what community organizing consist of and how I could be of help in my community.
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