A trip to space.....

Come along today!

What are the highlights of this trip?

Some of the highlights of this trip are:

  • visiting the moon
  • Stepping on mars is surface
  • Gliding threw the galaxies
  • Soaring threw Saturn
  • And many extras!

Features, Itienerary, and some extras

The features...

This amazing experience is a limited time offer only of only $1049.99 which is a 10% discount of the original price. The aircraft you will be traveling (SSP.2) in is full luxury with cream leather and seatbelts. Free drinks and snacks will be offered at anytime during your flight. The SSP.2 has full turbo powered rockets that will blast you away! Along with solar powered TV's to enjoy on the way. Only a limited 14 seats available so quick call:

04 478 368 To have an experience of a lifetime.

What will be doing on the planets?

Moon - 1# Learn about the no gravity on the moon and do the leap jumps in the air.

2# But your countries flag in the moons surface.

3# Try to find the biggest crater on the moon and learn how they got there.

Pluto - 1# Learn about why Pluto is so cold (e.g. so far away from sun)

2# Learn about Pluto's atmosphere and what it is made of.

3# Walk around Pluto and feel the surface and coldness.

Saturn - 1# When flying threw Saturn we will talk about the atmosphere.

2# Learn about how it is a gas.

Galaxies - 1# Learn how galaxies are made.

2# Learn how they are so pretty.

Black holes - 1# Learn how black holes are formed.


6.30am- Leave on the shuttle to the moon

7.30am- Arrive at the moon (Learn about gravity, Put flags in moon, do crater exercise)

9.00am- Have snack break on shuttle

9.30am- Depart moon

10.00am- Pass threw galaxies (learn about galaxies & stars)

11.30am- Arrive at Pluto (Do cold air activity, Gravity activity, and suit up for outside)

1.30pm- Have lunch on shuttle

2.00pm- Depart for Saturn

4.30pm- Fly threw Saturn

6.00pm- Go threw black hole with turbo speed (Learn about gravitational pull)

6.30pm- Have dinner onboard shuttle preparing to leave for earth.

8.00pm- Arrive on earth

Stunning Footage from Space
tia and caitlin