The Night Of Broken Glass

The Kristallnacht was a time when Hitler ruled germany so he made the decision to kill these Jewish people that did not do anything so at this time hitler hated Jews so he decided to kill them so that night Nazi soldiers took over they destroyed Jewish peoples houses they burnt them they burnt synagogues they beat any Jew that was wearing The Star Of David and so basically if you were Jewish they physically said you dont belong here

Imagine you are in 1938 and you wake up in the morning to your neighbors screaming help synagogues burning your house on fire your parents gone your 12 years old and no one is home then you look outside and you see a Nazi soldier beating and killing other Jewish people. Kristallnacht was a huge Jewish attack or major murder on November 9, 1938 the Nazis burned synagogues broke windows killed Jewish people this night was also known as The Night Of Broken Glass.

All over Germany Nazis controlled areas such as Jewish shops, stores where basically covered by Nazi soldiers the stores were demolished the windows were broken the synagogues were burned the windows where broken. A synagogue is a Jewish church just like if your baptist you have a church or if you are christian, cathlic, or musslim you have your own church.