Paris, France

paris france

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The best way to get around Paris is the public transit. all you have to do is get a ticket for the booth at the ticket costs 1.70.(French money)


Macarons- two cookies with ganache, buttercream or jam in the middle.

Croissants- a Crescent-shaped piece of bread.

Crepes- are like folded pancakes usually with strawberry type filling and wiped cream.


Eiffel tower-the Eiffel tower is 1,063 feet tall

Arc de Triomphe- This is one of the most famous monuments in paris.

The Louvre-The worlds largest Museum.


For every dollar and thirteen cents(1.13) (American money) you have one dollar(1.00) (French money).

(American) - (French)

1.13 - 1.00

5.64 - 5.00

11.27 - 10.00

22.55 - 20.00

56.36 - 50.00

112.73 - 100.00


I do not speak French - Je ne parle pas français

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