reaching my goals

emily mclain 7th 6blk

question #1;progress,stradigies

I've grown alot lot and i have achived alot this year.but that's all because i had goals,missions and standers.that i would successed. i have worked extra hard this i plan to do the same next year.i've studied hard,worked hard and focused. i did have bad grades but i was thinking i want to do good in life so i study,focused,no distractions. i'm just thankful for getting here and achiving goals.that's progress! Avid has made a big improvment in my school work. by making me more organized with my finding my assiments faster also less a mess.helps me turn-in my homework on time because i'm not looking for my work forever.just stradigies like cornell notes,keeping a calender to keep time and due dates.helps me go faster and be faster.studing for 30-mins after school so i still have time for's been a big help.

question #2 needs to successed/new beginng.

Next semester i'm going to continue to keep up be on top of everything,be focused no goofing off when i have important school work i have to do first. get, good grades,keep track of time and project assiments due dates. next semester i'm going to be better than ever new grades,everything.i'm going to achive my goals!!!