My Project is Better Than Yours

By Watchman W

About me

I started reading in preschool. I used to like reading until about second grade. I now only really read books for school. But I do read things outside of books, like the TV guide, apps on my phone, and other things used in day to day life.

My goals

I want to be a better reader. I wish that I could enjoy reading

My favorite

My favorite book is the cat in the hat by Dr. Seuss. I like how you’re on edge the entire book after the cat in the hat made a mess and the kids’ parents were coming home.

Blog Entry

I am currently reading “Where the Red Fern Grows.” The last thing I read was “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry” The Book “Where the Red Fern Grows” is a god book about a kid who works hard for two years to buy two red bone coonhounds. He lives in the country and hunts raccoons with his dog.

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origins and influences of Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan grew up in a very artistic home, his mom was a musician and an artist, and his dad was a ceramicist. His first published works were two short stories in the UTSA literary magazine. He started writing in middle school where his favorite book was the lord of the rings.


Rick Riordan writes mythology and mystery, The Percy Jackson series are mythology, and the 39 clues series are mystery. In the “Percy Jackson” series, the main character, Percy, has ADHD and dyslexia. This shows the readers that it is okay to be different. Both of the series also teach you that there is no “I” in team. The main characters in his books are also teaching reader lesson by being creative.


He thinks that people don’t need to pretend to be someone they’re not, he once said, “It’s not a bad thing to be different. Sometimes, it’s the mark of being very, very talented.” He, himself can also relate to the main character of his Percy Jackson series, saying, “Like Percy, I’m pretty ADHD.” He likes books to, he once said “A good book always keeps you asking questions, and makes you keep turning pages so you can find out the answers.”

Other interesting facts

Rick hasn’t always been an author. He actually used to be a middle school teacher and says he may want to do that again one day. The character, Percy Jackson, is actually based of Rick’s son. His famous, award winning books, were based off of bedtime stories he told to his kids.