By Victoria Sparkman

Victoria's Strengths

At the beginning of the year the test we took identified my strengths as: Ideation, Intellection, and Harmony. This test also revealed that I favor the participative leadership style. The freedom and creativity given to our groups has helped me shape the ideation part of my leadership style, while working with small groups has been ideal since everyone seemed to get along very well. I found that I was usually good at coming up with ideas for projects to do, also staying organized was something I was not expecting to be good at (judging fro the state of my room). I think the most visible fact about my leadership style that I learned this semester was that I’m a very participative leader; I believe the group should work together on everything and there really is no need for a designated leader in small groups.

Guest Speakers

Serving the Community

Within the semester we planned and carried out three major projects: the Change Drive, putting together a Thanksgiving party for the fourth graders at North Fairview, and selling Candy Grams. The Change Drive was the most successful as far as money raised, however, my favorite project to participate in was selling the Candy Grams. Since there were only three people in our group, everyone had something to do; it was very hands on. These projects helped me grow, as a leader because I learned that being decisive when no one else is, is an important part of leadership. Seeing how our projects helped either the school or our community was rewarding to me, it's one of the things I’m most proud of.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

The Class

This class really encourages students to grow and find their own leadership styles. There were some people who were control freaks and detail-oriented, and then there were groups who worked as a team and made decisions together. The class reached out beyond the walls of Seaman High to help out with the community a few times, it'd be great if we did that more often. What I really appreciated about this class is that we could be creative; we had a lot of freedom over the majority of our projects. I would recommend this class to friends who were interested in doing more community service, because this class also gets students interested in service outside of class.