the Atakapas

by joe schuh

Region of Texas in which they lived in is the coastal plains

they lived in the part of Texas in the region.

Type of food they ate

they ate crab,oysters,and fish they also had bufflo to.

How their food was obtained

they hunted buffalo and they fished for sea food to

Type of dwelling they lived in

they lived in small huts made of wood,leafs and reeds

Weapons and/or tools they used

they used bows&arow and cross bows

Special traditions they had and/ or Religion

they would use the oil to use as insect repelnt

Organization of Leadership

the leader was the most trusted,respected person.

Where are they located now or what became of them

they live in the gulf of mexico,louisiana

Unique Fact or characteristic

it was ether they pracist cannibalism on the dead of war