Animal Farm

Joshua Salinas


Boxer represents the ignorant work force during the Russian revolution that always thought the government really was making things better for them. With his famous statements such as "I will work harder!" and "Napoleon is always right!" really did show how blinded he was at the current situations going on in Animal Farm. His best friends on the farm were Benjamin, the donkey, and Clover, the other horse on the farm. Benjamin is Boxers true friend, he is old but wise and smart he easily learned and remembered stuff and knew what was happening in Animal Farm and didn't say anything until it actually started to affect him. Clover is Boxers motherly type of friend always caring for him and catering him even in his final moments.


In Animal Farm, once they drive out Mr. Jones (The previous owners of the animals), they change the name of "Manor Farm" to "Animal Farm" along with 7 new commandments. These commandments state basic rules for any governing society an example would be: No animal shall ever kill another animal. Soon though it would be changed to "without reason" added on to the end of it. Who gives them the right to justify a reason to kill someone in cold blood? Nobody... already they have by switching this simple commandment they've tipped the balance of equality on the so called "Communist" farm. Fast forwarding close the end of the book, the pigs (Leaders of animal farm) have just about taken away every single commandment on the sign to just one single one. It reads "All animals are equal... but some are more equal than others" I think this represents the theme of equality throughout the book so well in these eleven words so well.

The Slaughtering of Boxer

Earlier i mentioned how Boxers friend, Clover, comforted him even in his final moments. Boxer currently eleven years old waiting for him retirement when he turned twelve in only a couple more months refused to take a day off from working and pushed himself even hard in old age. On one of the hot days at Animal Farm after the battle of the windmill boxer was lugging stones to the new build site in order to rebuild the windmill for a third time he collapsed along with his lungs. Dark blood gushed out of his mouth and was no longer able to stand on his own, everyone came to comfort this magnificent steed. Squealer came of aid to set their minds at ease however promising that Boxer was to be taken away to the nearest hospital and worked on by the smartest experts in the medical field. But as he was being taken away in a carriage on the side in big bold letters it wrote, Slaughter House. At this moment Benjamin spoke up and screamed they're taking you to the Knacker Boxer GET OUT OF THERE, but Boxers old muscles couldn't break out and sadly and mournfully Boxer died at the supposed "Hospital".

The Changing of Commandments in Animal Farm

In Animal Farm they HAD seven commandments to start with. As you continue on in the book the all knowing and naturally smarter pigs take control and continue to change the commandments to justify what they did and how they did it. As you read earlier in my paper eventually the pigs have changed and altered the commandments so much and so frequently that they are now just one simple commandment which gives them the ability to do whatever they want. This symbolizes the Communist Government as in changing rules and doing whatever they wanted simply because they're workers were uneducated and ignorant. During the rule of the USSR they would monitor newspaper and any source of social spreading of knowledge and sometimes even create fake news to make their appearance look better. Same with the commandments and how pigs would justify what they do and like i said... why they did it. In the end is mocks how the USSR governed they're people... by force, with fear, and all knowing power of making themselves out to look like God.