Ken Wills

By Laxman Limbu

Why have you chosen entrepreneur to study?

I have chosen entrepreneur to study because of analysis and business planning, the program deals with the topics of innovation. I have chosen Ken Wills because he started his career as a trainee industrial engineer, but soon moved on to found his first company, Heli-Charter Ltd.

Who is the entrepreneur?

Ken Wills is the Managing Director or Chairman of various business in UK and overseas. Ken is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, a Chartered Manager, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and a Chartered Engineer.

What does the entrepreneur do?

Ken Wills works as a job builder at his organization. Today he boasts a jet engine maintenance shop, a helicopter firm, a fire prevention company, a restaurant, a jewellery business and a radio station on the Isle of Thanet.

What skills and characteristics does the entrepreneur has?

Ken Wills is open minded, hard working, supporting, risk taking, creative, determined and confidence.