Brazil is waiting for you!

2014 is coming !!

Is important to remember that the city will get more people of other nationalities is Rio de Janeiro. City also considered the most dangerous too.

Tips for tourists: You must walk with your documents;

You should be careful when you want to ask something to someone;

You have to stay paying attention when you are walking on the street alone;

You have to visit small cities too;

You mustn't drink and drive if you are under 18 years old;

You should always say please and thank you;

You must respect the traffic lights;

You don't have to give money for beggars;

You should try new types of food;

You have to go to Pão de Açucar in Rio de Janeiro;



Thursday, June 12th, 12am

This is an online event.

Come cheer for your country, trying new foods, making friends and enjoying all that our country has to offer!