When Death has a tone

Tone and Tonal shift

Death Finally Has An Tone

In the book "The Book Thief" we have an one special narrator who we would never think it would be. Its not an alien or an unknown species, our narrator is Death. I know that might sound out of the ordinary but its actually kinda satisfying. We would think that Death wouldn't have any type of emotion or he would have a negative tone but that's where you're wrong. Death has an forceful tone change through out the story, but his tone is calm, direct, and an civilized. But through out the book there are tone and tonal shifts, in the book "The Book Thief" the tone has many tonal shifts through out the characters and the narrator. Liesel (the main character) has tonal shifts for example she was joking and laughing with her papa then her mama came done with an bad tone which inturupts everyone else tone.