Marine Biome

By: Mike Mathisen and Jackson Trussell


The marine biome is the largest biome in the world, as it covers roughly 70% of the earth. It is split into five main oceans, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indians, Arctic, and Southern, as well as many other small gulfs and bays.


The ocean is a big influence on whether the weather may be sunny or cloudy. It provides rain for crops through the process of evaporation. Hurricanes also form in the ocean, and also tropical storms.


The clownfish has adapted to live with the sea anemone. The clownfish eats the bacteria growing on the sea anemone, but the clownfish does not get stung by it. This protects the clownfish from predators.


There are many different variations in the marine biome. The dolphin and the whale partner up and the whale helps the dolphin and vise versa.

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Environmental Adaptations/Variations

Fish are different from humans as they breathe through gills. This allows them to breathe underwater. Some animals are also light on the bottom and darker on the top to help them blend in with their surroundings. These are both adaptations. There are many different types of fish in the marine biome. We picked two different types of clownfish, the Black Ocellaris, and the Platinum Percula. These fish are two different colors, one being white, while the other is black. The different colors varies on its habitat. The Black Ocellaris is better in deeper water while the Platinum Percula is better in shallower water.


Sea Anemone and the clownfish help each other in the marine biome. The clownfish gets protection from the anemone the the clownfish eats the anemone's bacteria cleaning it.

Food Web and Pyramid

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Exotic Species

Our exotic species that we would add would be an odder, it would give the shark more food which would cause the seals to live more and there would be more seals. This would cause there to be less fish.
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Native Species

If you removed the smaller fish in the marine biome, the dolphins, squid, and seals would have less food so they would have to live off of less species or they would die off. This would cause their predators to also rely on less food, until it keeps going up the chain. This is why small fish are needed.
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