Tilt-up Garage Doors

Tips On How To Maintain Garage Door

The garage door that gives you better convenience can also impart greater annoyance because of poor garage door maintenance. It is an enormous inconvenience if your garage door can’t moved by several attempts of pressing the remote or if your door greets you with unnecessary sound every time you use it. However, those scenes are avoidable if you deal to do the proper care and showing the greater love to your possession.

This article will basically help you on how to build proper garage door maintenance so you would prevent inconvenience and even accidents from happening.


Inspect the springs - Just check the springs by lifting the door in a halfway position. If the door goes up after you let go of the door then, the springs are too tight and if the door closes then, the springs are too loose. Otherwise, if the springs are broken do not replace them alone call pro for the replacement.

Inspect the track - Check the tracks if the are appropriately aligned or not. If the tracks alignment is improper, just tighten or loosen the bolts to level them.


Do not forget to lubricate the moving parts like hinges, bearings, roller and tracks. This lubrication will help the door to move properly and not to generate a blatant sound every time you use it. You can actually use WD40 for doing this task.


You should call professional every time you can’t handle any garage door problem alone. With this, they can help you to fix your current concern as they truly effective in this kind of fields. Meet more reliable professional here!

So, those are the simple maintenance you’ll have to perform in a consistent basis. Simple yet truly effective!