My Future

Lauren Vaughn

Right Brained

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What that means...

I have a creative mind, I understand all things spatial and rely on visual cues to stimulate me. I tend to work best when moving and learning by experience. I also provide creative and unique solutions to problems.
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Personality Word Cloud

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4 Personality Letters


Introvert- tend to focus on the inner ideas and impressions of the world.

Sensing- tend to focus on the present and concrete information gained from their senses.

Thinking- tend to base their decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect.

Judgement- tend to like a planned & organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled. They are more scheduling with activities. J types prefer the "destination" over the "journey."

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Characteristics of Blue:

Sensitive, sincere, appreciative, artistic, inspirational, inclusive, spiritual, idealistic, loyal, caretaker, cooperative, caring, creative, people person, team builder.

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Kuder Career Assessment

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Kuder Skill Assessment

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University of Arkansas

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The day that this event will take place is May 23, 2020.

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Personal Quote

"My goal is to inspire people, I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn't give up."

Favorite Quote

"It's a good day to save lives."