Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update


This Week...

Dear Staff,

I hope the fall-feeling weather found you well this weekend. The triathlon turned out to be balmy temps and dry! We had a good turn out from Parkdale students too!

Have a good week,


Safety Meeting Representative Needed

Jenni, Terry, and I would love to have one teacher join us for our safety meetings. We meet the last Tuesday of every month at 7:15 am. We review the incident reports from the month, take walk-arounds the school, and field safety requests from parents, staff, and students. We have some fun too! Please let me know if you are willing to join us. Thanks

Art and Music Week

Last year we had an Art/Music week in the month of December. For those of you who weren't here, we hired a number of artists and musicians to work with our students for most of a week. We have a couple of things to consider this year.

1. Do we want to keep with the "Art Week" Format.
2. Do we want to do it earlier in the year, say, November, to avoid the chance of snow days. We had a cancellation last year due to snow.
3. Are you interested in splitting it up and having an "Art Week" in November and a "Music Week" in the Spring?

If we did two weeks (Art and Music), I would envision keeping Reading and Math instruction in place and working the Art and Music around that in our schedule.

Please give this some thought and discussion and I'll ask for your feedback soon.

District Lice Protocol

Lice has been a nuisance over the years and has the potential of keeping kids home. Please see the attached updated district protocol.

Events This Week

Parkdale Elementary Weekly Update

Monday – 9/19

PLC Meetings

2:20 PM 20% Meeting Gr 3 team-Book RM

Tuesday 9/20

2:25 PM BEST Meeting - In Holly's Room with: Holly, Cristina, Gus

Wednesday 9/21

PBIS Workshop – DO/Board Room


Thursday 9/22

5:30 – 7:30 PM Parenting Class at PES

Friday 9/23

Upcoming Dates

· 9/26 2:20 PM 20% Meeting Gr 2 team-Book RM

· 9/27 7:00 AM Safety Committee Meeting

· 9/27 2:25 PM – Staff Meeting

· 9/29 8:00 AM – Fire Drill

· 9/29 2:25 PM – BEST Meeting

- 9/30 Emergency Sub Plans due to Heidi

Have a great week!

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