Dork Diaries

Tales from a NOT-SO-Graceful Ice Princess


Author: Rachel Renee Russell


Lexile: 750

I read this book called Dork diaries and it is a good interesting. This book is a great book for teenage girls.

This book is about a girl named Nikkie. She likes this guy named Brandon. He has has had a hard life, his mom ad dad died so he lived with his grandparents and they own a shop called "Fuzzy Friends." They deal with homeless animals Brandon is very passionate about the shop. Then something bad happens his grandpa fell of a ladder and broke his leg and they can't afford to pay for the shop so they made the hardest decision of there life, it was to sell the shop. This is when Nikkie comes in, she join a skating show which they sponsor the shop and the shop that you sponsor get 3000 dollars, Brandon said that if they get that money they could keep the shop open. Nikkie and her team have been practicing their butts off but the thing is that Nikkie is a really bad skater.

My Quote: "She is a horrible cruddy ice skater"

Character Piller

Responsible : I think that Nikkie is very resposibe in this book she might have her week spots in there care taking to Brinna her little sisters