Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

This is a good book

Night of the twisters is a good because it is spine chilling but it is an awesome book and it is a great 4th grade book.


Guaranteed to be an awesome book!


Dan and Arthur were best friends and on day it started to rain and storm and Arthur was over at Dan's house and they turned on the TV. mom was in the kitchen and was making a dress. A couple minutes later it started to storm and mom said if Ryan wakes up get him i'm i'm going to smiley's. When Ryan woke up Dan took him down stairs. The tornado was destroying their house. 2 or 3 hours later they got into a police car with an officer named Kelly. He got really hurt in the car because there was another Tornado!!! The kids spent the night at the police station. The next morning Dan went to look for his parents and he could not find them and someone said they were at the armory and he was just there. But he finally found his parents!!


Grand island is where they live. The state bird is Western meadowlark. they have the Missouri river as a major river. they are also bordered by Kansas. On the top of Nebraska is south Dakota.