Save yourself from the apes and global warming!!


With out planet being taken over by apes and destroyed by global warming there is now hope to stay alive .My name is Miranda Clark and i have discovered a new habitable planet located 22 light years away from earth. The scientific name for this exo planent is Gliese667Cc but I'd like to name it Super Earth. I decided on the name Super Earth because it is large, still has the mountains and liquids we need. It also has a climate of around 86 degrees which is habitable.This exo planet is a 3 star system, it has 2 small dwarf compations that orbit it.


This planets mass is 5.972 x 10^24 kg x 5 .

Diameter of planet is 2.2 x larger than earth(7917.5).

Average distance from Super Earth's sun is 11.5 million miles or 18.5 million km.

Average temperature is around 86 degrees F. which overall is averaged to be warmer than Earth's climate.

It's length of a day is 155 earth days and a year is 28 days or .007 earths years.

This planet has no moons like earth but does have host stars.

Super Earth has no rings.

If you are a 14 year old living on earth you will be .0055 years old on Super Earth.

On this planet you would weigh 1.6 x heavier than your earth weight.

The distance from earth to Super Earth is 22 light years.

The value of "g" on my planet would be 26257545.2562 .

The time period would take 22c or T=22c.

.0055(age) x 22c (period of time) =.121 years old.#13


The host star emits flares and radiation which would be 1000 times stronger than our sun, this would cause problems with satellites and radio communications. To prevent this we have scientists inventing something to protect the communication.

The planet only gets 20% of visible light that earth gets, so solar panels can be installed to help generate more power and light.

There is different gravitational acceleration than earth, everything is heavier, to prevent,there wouldnt be as many creatures or animals on the planet as earth has.

Miranda Clark

period 7