Monthly Newsletter


Volume 2

Welcome to our WLA monthly newsletter. We hope you enjoy this month's news and highlights. If you have any questions or concerns regarding specifics in your child's classroom, please feel free to contact your teacher at the following:

Mme Lopez

Sra. Morales

Sra. Ramos-

Sr. Rodríguez-

Our first round of World Langauge T-shirts will be ordered at the end of the month. Please visit SchoolPay to make your purchase. All 8th graders will need their shirts for the field trip.

Ways to help your child with the second language acquisition

There are so many ways to help your child at home even if you are not fluent in the target language they are learning. Here are some tips to do so:

  • ask what they learned in class
  • review their vocabulary or class notes with them 5-10 minutes daily.
  • listen to music in the target language.
  • Watch Television or movies in the target language.
  • Speak the target language if possible at home.
  • Flashcards with vocabulary
  • label items in the house in the target language.
  • use free digital platforms like Duolingo for 5 minutes a day.

What's happening?

WLA Spanish

Beginning Spanish-is learning about school schedules and subjects, discuss what students do during the day, ask and tell who is doing the action. The students will be able to talk about their school’s schedules, and their classes.

Spanish 1-is learning and using vocabulary words to talk about family members, words to ask and tell ages, express possession, give dates, and make comparisons.

Spanish 2-is working with the past tense of the verb “to be” and “to go”. They will also be working with verbs that conjugate like the verb “gustar”.

WLA French

Beginning French- Students are learning about the French subject pronouns with the verb “être” (to be). They are also learning new vocabulary words on the classroom items and how to use descriptive adjectives.

French 1- Students are learning about the French indirect object pronouns and disjunctive pronouns.

French 2- Students are learning about new vocabulary words on parts of the house in French. They will continue with the past tenses and the imperfect with the verb “avoir” ( to have) and the verb “être”(to be).

Dual Language

6th-students are working on the use of pronouns, verb ser, and question words. We continue to create sentences and use the language as much as possible to strengthen the skills they already have.

7th-students are almost at the end of the word classification unit. We are finishing with esdrújulas and sobreesdrújulas. Understanding these classifications will help improve their writing and reading skills in the target language.

AP 8th- students finished the practice of email replies and will continue to work on enriching their reading comprehension skills and writing. We will begin to practice for the Argumentative essays. All in preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture test.

Photo Gallery

Kindness week

Hispanic Country T-shirt and Jersey Day

Students wore shirts and sports jerseys of Hispanic country representations and Historic Figures.
7th graders Celeste, Leandria, and Alejandro

Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Wax Museum

On October 14, 2021, our Two-Way Dual Language and World Language students acted as interactive wax figures of historic Hispanic figures. When visitors passed by they said a code word and they came to life to give an interesting fact about themselves. Thank you to all who made it to this event!

Closing of Hispanic Heritage Month

To close the Hispanic Heritage Month, teachers and students dress in the traditional clothing of different Spanish Speaking Countries.

Dates to remember

Save the Date

  • October 29- No school
  • November 1st-8th grade WLA chocolate fundraiser
  • November 1/4-French appreciation week
  • November 12- Academy night @ 6:00
  • November 20/28- Thanksgiving break