Become a Millionare

Only 7 steps!


1. Think of a plan to spend money

2. Save as much as possible

3. Don't spend on unnecessary things

4. Try to stay away from your credit card

5. Invest your money

6. Begin your own business

7. Get advice from someone with experience


After you develop a plan for saving money you want to write it down. Also make sure you don't just writing down the goal, also include the dream and different options available.


Spend as little as possible and try to stay away from taking money from your savings account.


Don't buy over priced things. Name brands and other expensive options are not necessary.


Put as little as possible on your credit card. Don't charge anything on your credit card if you won't be able to pay for it within the next couple months.


Start an account with a mutual fund company that has no low expense ratios.


75% of millionaires are entrepreneurs while two-thirds are self-employed, so people starting their own business has been very successful.


It's helpful to have someone with experience help out with things. They can tell you which are the right investments and which aren't.

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