The Best of Cuba!

From Havana to Cayo Largo to The Laguna de Leche!

An astounding vacation spot!

Everyone has dreamed of going to a tropical island, relaxing on the beach and swimming on clear waters! But a trip to the Bahamas is often beyond one’s budget… No worries, Cuba is just as tropical! But that’s not all! Cuba’s’s got the crystal waters the tropics are famous for, glimmering white lakes and mile-long beaches! In fact, from hot, toasty sun to cool, refreshing rain, Cuba’s got it all!

Cuban Cuisine & Climate...

Delicious foods!

Cuba's unique and unforgettable dishes are found nowhere else! For our regular coffee-drinkers you should try some Cafe Cabano, a strong traditional coffee served steaming in special Cuban cups! It may be small, but it packs a punch! But what if you don't like coffee, or want an actual meal? Then try some Lechòn! Lechon is pig, roasted whole or in pieces and then spiced with a variety of things. Spices include anything from a squeeze of lemon and lime to a handful of peppers, bitter orange and garlic.

Perfect Climate!

The Cuban climate is perfect for vacationers and tourists alike! With about 3/4 of the rain falling during the wet season (May-Oct.), its more than likely your beach day will be warm & sunny. Speaking of warm, besides the mountainous region, Cuban temperatures vary as little as 11 degrees all year! And if you get fed up with warm and sunny, simply take a trip southeast to the mountains! With some mountain air and cooler temperatures, you can chill out! (Pardon the pun)

...Landmarks and Culture...

Pretty Landmarks!

Cuba's terrain is perfect for exploring or visiting! The biggest island in the Caribbean, Cuba has 110,000 square miles of beautiful land. A lot of land means a lot of water, and Cuba's got hundreds of rivers and streams! 2 of the longest rivers in Cuba are the Zaza and Cauto, and are some of Cuba's biggest prettiest ones yet!

Amazing Culture!

Come celebrate Carnaval with us! Carnaval came from when slaveowners gave their slaves a week long break before harvest. While now there is no more slaveowners or slaves (Thank Goodness!), the festivity of Carnaval has stayed, and is one of the biggest yearly festivals! And for the more historical visitors, Cuba was founded by Spain when they landed in Cuba.

... And Activities and Languages!

Lively Languages!

The majority of Cubans speak spanish, brought by conquistadors from Spain! Sì, the blood of empires run in Cuban veins. Another common language in Cuba is Creole. Creole was created as a universal language between The Caribbean and Europe. Meaning less confusion on future trips. But some people don't want to learn new languages! That's fine too, because employees and Cubans around tourists sites speak English as a convenience to visitors!

Exciting Activities!

Kayaking is healthy, and a fun thing to do! Well, try it on The Laguna de Leche! Laguna de Leche is fed by many rivers, causing mixed tides. Combine this with high amounts of calcium, and The Laguna de Leche lives up to its Mexican name (Lake of Milk)! Or perhaps a nap on the beach sounds more appealing. Cayo Largo is a is a 75 square mile strip of sand that's all beach. That's right, Cayo Largo was given over to tourists to relax and explore on!

Thanks for your time!

Thank you for looking at this flyer, but really, Cuba is THE place to go! You'll miss their special entrees and festivals, and you might find that you miss the warm, sunny climate, too. Thanks to the English spoken at tourist sites, you'll have a huge convenience in Cuba, and the Caribbean view off of the tops of mountains is a unique experience also! Don't forget to tell your friends about Cayo Largo! Peace out!