Jack Anderson Elementary

January 13-17, 2020

Tonight is Spirit Night at Culver's Hendersonville!

Join us tonight at Culver's (290 Indian Lake Road) for a delicious meal or a sweet treat from 5:00-8:00.

Congratulations to David Fillmore!

David Fillmore, a third grade student at JAE, has been selected as a semifinalist in NASA's Name the Mars Rover Contest.

Biggest Fundraiser of the Year!

Our Benefit and Carnival will be the biggest fundraiser opportunity of the year. We are able to provide unique experiences for our students because of donations and support from our families and friends.

You will receive frequent updates about specifics in the next few days from your room mom.

TONS of work goes into the preparation, the actual events, and then all of the work that comes afterward, but it is worth it! All hands are on deck to ensure that everyone has a great time at the events, but also that our students reap HUGE rewards!

There will be dozens of opportunities for you to get involved, and WE NEED YOU! If you are available to help in any way, please send an email to jackandersonpto@gmail.com

Needs range from inventorying carnival donations, keying in donation items for the online auction, setting up beforehand, shuttling items to Bluegrass to cleaning up after the carnival is over. There is a spot for you, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know other JAE families.

The money raised from this annual event helps our school so much. It allows the PTO to help provide STEM experiences, teacher professional development, instructional materials, upgrading the ever changing technology, help with any other educational needs that are asked of us, and ensure we have the funds to pay the annual salaries of both our STEM and Technology teachers. Every single penny goes back to our students as we continually strive to provide the very best STEM educational program. Our students are blessed to attend a school where these opportunities exist. That is why this fundraiser is so important!!

You will see parents, grandparents, neighbors, community members, custodians, cafeteria staff, assistants, office staff, teachers, administrators, and even staff kids giving it our all to help make this event a success. Truly, it is one of my very favorite parts of the year. Thank you for supporting Jack Anderson Elementary!

Additional Carnival information, forms, and documents

No School January 20th

January 21st is the 100th Day of School

Phone # on Checks, Cafeteria Charges

When you send a check to school, please make sure your phone number is listed on the check.

We currently have over $600 in cafeteria charges. If your child has a balance, please help our amazing cafeteria manager by sending in a payment. Mrs. Osborne is required to send daily letters and make phone calls to encourage payment.

If you are interested in signing up for My Payments Plus, you can register online. If you go to the JAE App, click the bottom right Cafe button. Then click My Payments Plus. You can also find a link for My Payments Plus on the JAE Website under Cafe. This has been a lifesaver for me! Whenever my son's account gets low, I am automatically charged. I can log in any time to see how much money he has, and I can designate how the money can be spent.

If at any time your family needs meal benefits or assistance, we are more than happy to help you. Please contact us.

Alissa Beasley alissa.beasley@sumnerschools.org

Jennifer Osborne jennifer.osborne@sumnerschools.org

Tressa Sanders tressa.sanders@sumnerschools.org

Jonathan Thurman jonathan.thurman@sumnerschools.org

Please Arrive on Time

Our school day begins promptly at 8:40 a.m. It is very important that students are in their classrooms, ready to begin the day by 8:40. Lately, we have had more and more students arriving after 8:40 in the car rider line. This disrupts the start of instruction.

Beginning immediately, students that come through the doors after 8:40 am will need to be signed in by a parent or guardian and will be counted tardy. You must sign your child in if it is after 8:40. If tardies become excessive, a referral to our truancy office will be made.

As a courtesy, our doors open at 8:00 each morning. Please make plans to leave early enough to be through the car rider line in time for students to begin their day at 8:40.

Please Have Your ID Ready to Present

When you pick up your child at school, you may be asked to provide identification. Please make sure other family members are aware of our policy if they are sent to pick up your child. Student safety is our top priority.

January Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to these wonderful staff members during the month of January:

1-11 Kim Williamson

1-14 Patricia Fingerhut

1-16 Tommy Phelps

1-30 Rickyna Springs

Yearbooks are on Sale Now

An order form (BLUE) for this year's yearbook was sent home this week. You can also order online this year at balfour.com. The price is $30 from now until February 1st.

Lost and Found

There are a LOT of hats/jackets in the lost and found at school. If your child has misplaced something, you might encourage them to check there. The lost and found is located right outside the cafeteria doors

JAE on Social Media

Do you know all of the places you can find information about JAE? Many of our staff members showcase student learning on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out JAE on Twitter @JAE_stem and on Instagram @JAEstem. Prepare to be amazed by the things you will see students doing as they are engaged in hands-on/minds-on learning!

2020-2021 Sumner County School Calendar


Early Dismissal

There have been several parents who have come in after 3:15 to pick up children this year. We do not sign students out past 3:15. Whether it is 3:16 or 3:20, please do not be upset when we explain our policy to you.

If you need to sign your child out, please try to be in the office as close to 3:00 as possible. You may have to park on the side of the building closest to Gallatin Road. You may even have to park in the grass. You will notice that both lanes of the car rider line will be full, and you will get stuck if you try to drive around to the front parking lot. You are encouraged to allow plenty of time to make it to the front office to sign your child out before 3:15.

Please Include Information on Bus Notes

When you send a note to the office for your child to ride the bus, please make sure that it includes the student's first and last name, the teacher's name, and the address where the child will be getting off the bus.

1 Lunch Visit Per Week, Goodbyes at the Cafe Door, No Outside Food

You may join your child for lunch this week. Please remember, we ask that your child has only one lunch visit per week. Also, due to space constraints, please limit the visit to only two adults.

You will need to sign in with our Lobby Guard in the front office upon arriving. It is helpful to have your license ready. Federal Nutrition Guidelines prohibit bringing outside restaurant or fast food items to share with your child during lunch.

When your child gets to the cafeteria, you may accompany him/her through the cafe line (if needed,) and sit at one of the tables in the cafeteria lobby. There is not enough room in the cafeteria to accommodate all of our students and guests.

After lunch, please say your goodbyes at the cafeteria door. We ask that visitors do not accompany students back to the classroom.

Fridays are SUPER busy days for lunch visitors, so if possible, you may want to try another day. I visited with my child on Wednesday, and there was PLENTY of space. :)

Federal guidelines prohibit outside restaurant items or soft drinks during student lunch.

Parent Helpers

Parents, thank you for all that you do to help us at JAE! When you sign in with Lobby Guard, you will be asked the purpose of your visit. If you are helping in a classroom or making copies, just make a note of it in Lobby Guard.

Parent Chaperones

If you are assisting with a field trip, please sign in with Lobby Guard prior to the day of the trip to pick up a badge.